“You guys are the reason I’m here.”

That was all I could blurt out when I realized from afar this was the Josh half of The Minimalists AND Becca (Minimal Wellness) in the flesh.


Ever since I began listening to Ryan and Josh’s podcast, I have desired to go to Missoula.  After all, they had toured so much of the country and gushed about the beauty of Montana (and they had created some damn inspiring content while there), so I had to see what all the hype was about.  

So, after about thirty minutes of exploring the city, we found ourselves on a quiet street in downtown Missoula.  I looked up and noticed two people walking toward us – the only two people we had seen on the street – and I joked that it almost looked like Josh and Becca from a distance.  “You guys are the reason I’m here” was all I could blurt out when we realized it was actually them.  

But I didn’t just mean they were the reason I was in Missoula… I meant in life. I was able to express my gratitude for the first time in person for inspiring me in ways they can’t imagine- from my attitude, to relationships, to wellness, to intentionality… Their impact on me – and humanity – is immeasurable. Thank you both (+ Ryan and all involved in this community) from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

(Photo Cred: JFM – mad selfie skills)

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