I struggle quite a bit when I put expectations on something that is completely unknown.  I have all of these big ideas and exciting plans in my brain when I’m jumping into something new, but I often fail to execute.  To be honest, my passion for learning and exploring and sharing can lead to a lack of focus.  I also dislike putting out content that I don’t feel great about.  These are daily struggles for me. 🙂 BUT – perfection is the enemy of done, as so many like Brené Brown have taught me… So, I am showing up and doing the work, while attempting to let go of the anxiety of being human and wildly imperfect. 😉

To catch up since my last post:

I have been living in (or out of, I should say) a camper van for 14 months.  I started with no clue – nor any expectation – of how long I’d do it.  I just knew that I wanted to travel full time and the I was immeasurably grateful that my boss allowed me to pursue a not-so-traditional lifestyle for a bit. 🙂  I knew that I wanted to do it for as long as it brought me joy – and for as long as it made sense.

One expectation I did have when I set out on the road was that I would be here… documenting my every move and experience.  I found that the plan to do so didn’t really jive with my lifestyle while I was on the road, mostly because I spent a great deal of my working hours in coffee shops around this beautiful country looking at a screen for my “day job”.  As much as I love my organization and colleagues,  I usually put my computer away the second I could so I could enjoy the part of  the world that I called home that particular day.  I did use Instagram page –  @intentionalrambler  – quite a bit to document my travels, but I completely tanked on this blog part of things.

All that said,  I am currently in Atlanta (hence, the pic), and I have rediscovered somewhat of a routine, which I’m hoping will  be more conducive to sharing a bit more here.  I love to read, learn, explore, and try new things, and I strive to live a better life every day.  I tend to share thoughts on intentional living and personal growth, which for me could involve travel, wellness, minimalism, relationships, etc… This is really just a space I’d love to actually use to share my random thoughts and engage in some personal (and striving for  vulnerable) reflection in hopes that it help or inspire just one other human.  I’ve wanted to start a personal blog and stick with it, so please let me know if there is anything you might want me to ramble about. 😉



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