Dr. Amy Vitala is the Chief Learning Officer at an Atlanta-based edtech startup company called MobileMind, as well as a part-time assistant professor at Kennesaw State University.  

She has spent the past 15 years in the field of education and has served in various capacities in K-12 public education and beyond. She worked at the high school level for seven years, where she served as a special education teacher, a Spanish teacher, and a world language department chair.  She was then promoted to the central office of a large Georgia school district, where she supported teachers and leaders through professional development around topics such as online learning, classroom pedagogy, and STEM and innovation.

Amy has spent the last decade working with thousands of teachers and leaders in the K-12 space, both in her home state of Georgia and, since 2016, across the United States. She earned her doctorate in Teacher Leadership and has a strong passion for personal and professional development, educator coaching, and empowering teachers to thrive.

Amy lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her pup, Bailey.  She lives for food, wine, and anything outdoors.

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